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    The lid of the launch box of bomb No. 1 was pushed off, the Red Star shook slightly, a white warhead protruded from the launch box, followed by the bullet body and wings... At that moment, the wings protruded, the arrow This fire weighing nearly a ton seemed to be pulled by a giant force, emitting a wave of fiery fire, suddenly accelerating, rushing out of the launch box with a terrifying roar, heading towards many missiles. The target ten kilometers away roared away, and the air wave swept across the deck, like a level 12 storm! This scene was truly breathtaking, all the crew members of the Red Star and Tiger Shark were stunned, forgetting what they had to do, just watching the rocket trailing flames across the sky and disappearing. into the void!

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    After showing him what the obsession with lack of firepower was, the Air Force immediately showed him what forced bombing to wash the ground was. The helicopter was replaced for the fourth time and retained only a small amount of artillery shells, then the ground team hung seven 90mm aviation missile launchers and two 250kg aerial bombs at the same time... and then Then this helicopter turned into an aerial turret. First, two aerial bombs were thrown down and flew two semi-underground fortified fortifications more than ten kilometers away, then hovered in the air at a speed of 220 km, using 90 mm precision guided missiles known as light targets and unmanned vehicles continuously rushing seven or eight kilometers away, almost without missing a beat. A string of firepower was pulled through, followed by a fireball rising into the sky, leaving Xue Jianqiang dumbfounded.

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    “We don't have any tank guns that can penetrate its frontal armor,” Beloborodov said.

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    How now? The old man told us to block Dien An. This has been blocked for several years, right? Completely useless, the people not only had enough food and warm clothes, but also created several oil fields. At once, the old man must have been very angry. !”

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    Looking at the monster-like "tanks" in front of him, and thinking about jet bombers with superpowers for ground attacks, Beloborodov, no matter how reluctantly, had to admit that the 8th Army had shown mercy. . If the Eighth Army attacked with all its might, hundreds of thousands of elite veterans, more than 300 tanks with unparalleled defensive capabilities and firepower, plus a large number of jet bombers that the Army The Soviet Union has never seen it before, it will be like that. a powerful attack power. , The 2nd Red Flag Army can't stand it, being pushed back is already the best result, and it can be wiped out! As for why the Chinese army did not attack the Soviet army when the Soviet army did not know its own strength and had severe information asymmetry, the reason was simple: they had no intention of going to war with the Soviet Union. Shoo, they just want Mobei back.

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    In Chengfei, Xue Jianqiang was warmly welcomed... Nonsense, it seemed that no matter which military industrial group he went to, he would be warmly welcomed. Cheng Fei's senior leader personally met him and prepared a welcome party for him, the enthusiasm was such that Xue Jianqiang felt a little embarrassed... you're right to be embarrassed. If everyone has the same things, then the ultimate battle is Service Attitude, if the service attitude is so good that it makes the customer a little embarrassed, then you will win!

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    Beria interjected, and hit the nail on the head: "This just shows that inside they must have had a big change, and it was a good change. To keep this a secret, they didn't hesitate to refuse the American observation team that has arrived at their door!"

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    Dealing with the Japanese army in Shanxi and managing Ningxia and Tuyyuan well so that they can quickly become the granary of North China are equally important, even more important. The fertile and fertile Hetao Plain for thousands of miles, suitable for farming and raising livestock, is the most fertile land that the land beetle can control, how to manage this land has become the key crux of the problem. This was not an easy task, especially in Ningxia, which had been ruled by the Ma family army for decades, even though the Ma family army accidentally handed over half of Ningxia to the 8th Army , but the power of this local snake in Ningxia is deep-rooted.. Afraid of the military power of the Eighth Route Army, they do not dare to jump up and cause trouble, people secretly do bad things, it is too bad. worth. The cadres sent to Ningxia to take over major towns and counties complained that there were more and more dissidents, the people were very upset, and they wanted to do something to relieve their sadness!

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    In the end, they are actually compared to beggars, but unfortunately they are the beggars.

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    Looking down from above, we can see that the largest and most modern city in Asia has lost its vitality. Bombs dropped by B-29 bombers of the US military flattened many buildings, leaving craters. Huge bombs and piles of rubble black with fire and smoke. . America's bombing density is still within an acceptable range and will not cause too much damage to Japan. The real fatal blow to Japanese industry is running out of fuel. Oil is the blood of an industrial country, without blood even the strongest giants will fall. Japan is like that now. Many cars are no longer moving. The warship lay helplessly in the military port, suffering from the rumble of bombs. Many factories. The country's machinery also stopped working, without oil the whole country could not function normally. At this point in the war, Japan had become untenable, but their opponents - the damn Yankees had no intention of stopping, on the contrary, they launched blows that left Japan suffocated.

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    Feitinghoff said: "Then you really made the right choice. We Germans have no other advantage than sincerity. As long as the weapons and equipment you provide are of high quality, we will definitely give them out." The price is right, and we would never knowingly undercut it." !" Pulling Schroeder aside, he lowered his voice and asked: "Is this person trustworthy?"

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    Allied forces on the Western Front are also resting. The British and American allies had a habit of keeping an eye on the Eastern Front. Only when the main force of the German army was firmly planted on the Eastern Front did they conduct large-scale military operations on the Front. Western Battle. And at nightfall, they launched an amphibious operation in Sicily, fanning the flames of war to Italy, then launched Operation Overlord when the German army was driven back by the Soviet army by Stalin's fierce raids, they poured invaded Normandy, swept through France, and the flames of war spread to mainland Germany. Now that the Soviet army has entered a period of rest of one to two months, the German army can move troops from the eastern front to the western front at any time, provoking the German army at this time is impossible. wisely, it was better to wait for the Soviet army to continue the attack before taking action. After all, the German was not far from death, so there was no need to rush. Based on this consideration, Allied forces stopped their advance after capturing the Netherlands. Even the Allied forces on the Italian battlefield were no longer pursuing the Gothic defense line. In fact, the US Fifth Army had broken through this defense line, it was time to rush over the An- po. stop and rest That's good right away.

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    Li Donghai said: "At least, there are a few such warships, and the Japanese navy will pay a heavy price!"

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    Arguing with the Soviet army is absolutely impossible for Chinese soldiers——Looking around the world, it is really difficult to find a country that can defeat the Chinese in arguing, because So the confrontation only lasted half an hour, and the Soviet army was accidentally sprayed. Fortunately, Beloborodov never thought of solving more than 20,000 Japanese soldiers with words. If the problem can be solved with words, why do you need fists? When the two sides quarreled, he sent a report to the Air Force asking for cooperation.

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    There was no other way, after the Great War in Northern Jiangsu ended, the local beetle propaganda department seemed to be in collective silence, and there was no sound, let the bald propaganda department The skinheads steal all the limelight and keep the credit for the skinheads, afraid that others will know that this battle was fought by them. After all, because of the need for secrecy, they used too many advanced weapons and equipment in this battle, which attracted the attention of the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union, especially the Soviet Union. , if they were determined to test it, it would be very troublesome, because many of the devices were Some of their working weapon simulators were even being secretly developed by the Soviet army. Suppose you are the leader of the Soviet army and discover that the equipment you were secretly researching has been brought into the battlefield by another army. What will you think? Right now my strength is not good, I can only cut off the tail first. Right now there are still many things I want to ask the old man, for example, we are working on an aviation oil project, need the old man's advice, I can. Don't ask yourself. I tore myself apart, so that I could first feel sorry for the two warriors.

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    The Prime Minister smiled faintly: "Is China capable of developing such an advanced aircraft? We also imported it with a lot of money." Seeing that Stalin wanted to ask something, he immediately interrupted: "I'm sorry, the supplier requires absolute confidentiality and we cannot disclose any related information to the outside world. believe, please forgive me."

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    The artillery of the German army also began to speak, it was a very strange type of mortar, the sound of flying bullets had never been heard before, the shell weighing nearly 30kg rushed straight into the British army at supersonic speed, blew up the entire group with massive firepower. The British army instinctively lay down, but immediately discovered in despair that artillery shells exploded above their heads. After each shell exploded, forty small bullets were released, forming a large-scale bombardment, pouting, pointing. need to be within the damage radius, it will just be blown to pieces. The British army is going crazy, what kind of artillery is this? Judging from the trajectory, it is clear that it is a mortar, how can it have the effect of launching a missile! ?

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "It must be strengthened. On the premise of not significantly increasing the weight of the tank, the penetration resistance should be increased to 300-350 mm."

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    Manager No. 1 became interested: "Oh? What kind of sweet date is this?"

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    Hara said, "We're watching them in hell!"

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    Xue Jianqiang smiled bitterly: "Not merely participating in battle! She copied the anti-American armed forces in the Middle East, and froze in front of the mouth of a Japanese regiment stationed in the Lianghuai area, even was the regiment's captain who became her prisoner!"

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    “Their drilling equipment is also very advanced, each part is very finely machined, the quality of drill bits is excellent, far superior to that of the Soviet Union and the United States, and can easily drill through rock layers. hard and thick. .. For example, in the same geology Under the same conditions, if the Soviet drill can drill up to 2,000 meters, their drill can easily drill up to 3,000 meters or even deeper. Proficient in using such a large and complex device."

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    Xue Jianqiang gritted her teeth: "With a sister like you, I will lose at least twenty years of my life! Pack your things and follow me!"

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    Yoshiyuki Abe's face did not change: "We are fighting, not traveling. If you want to go to Shanghai, you can wait until the mission ends."